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Cyber Edition
20 January till  10  February 2018

The fair does not have an annual schedule and it is not open every month.
Each round is uniquely timed for it's theme and some consideration to the seasons.

To keep up with all the latest dates news
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The Darkness Fair V.I.P group

Welcome to The Darkness Chamber Fair.

The Darkness Chamber Fair is a celebration of all things dark.
We embrace the spooky and creepy. If it goes bump in the night it just may be at the fair.

On this site you will find all the information you need for the fair, including the dates, applications and location for the next round.
Be sure to check this info before you apply or try to teleport in.
Fair Cyber Edition date has been changed from 10 January and opens now at 20 January!
Fair:  Cyber Edition 20 January till  10  February 2018 - Applications Open!
Upcoming Event:
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