Designers Application

☠ At least 1 exclusive is required with a discount of 25% or 50%. all other items is on your choice.
☠ Gachas is allowed, you can put as many you want as long you count it on the prims you have signed up for.
☠ Gift required 1 till 10L
☠ Fair opens at 17th march till 31 March, setup is open from 3 March
☠ Booth size and prims is diff than the normal TDCF events
☠ Landing point: 50 prims 1000L
☠ Regular, 25 Prims 500L
☠ Theme, everything that fits with darkness.
☠ Booth setup, fit as close with the theme.
☠ No multi vendors
☠ No copyright items

Apply Here

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